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MADE IN CHINA by Joe Black

Posted: 18.07.2012 at 07:59 |

Yasuaki Oishi – Reverse of volume RG

Posted: 08.06.2012 at 19:50 |


Artist Yasuaki Oishi used translucent plastic sheets and black hot glue to create a monumental sculpture that looks as if it’s floating in space. The artist dripped thousands of strands of hot black glue from the ceiling, called “reverse of volume RG,”. The installation uses a process Oishi calls “casting the invisible.” The making of can be seen on vimeo

ECO street art

Posted: 08.06.2012 at 19:24 |

Mosstika Urban Greenery is a NYC based collective of eco-minded street artists, using gorilla tactics to evoke the call of man back to nature.

Riusuke Fukahori – 3D Goldfish Paintings on Layers of Resin

Posted: 06.03.2012 at 20:59 |

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. The fish are painted layer by layer, the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature, similar to the function of a 3D printer. The ‘making of’ can be seen here


Paul Butler

Posted: 23.01.2012 at 18:40 |

Zander Olsen

Posted: 04.12.2011 at 19:16 |

“Tree, line”, photos of carefully wrapped trees by Zander Olsen.


Posted: 04.12.2011 at 18:42 |

Etiene Gros via designmilk

Brad Downey

Posted: 20.11.2011 at 18:14 |


Brad Downey is an American street artist. He uses film, sculpture, painting and drawing to reflect on concepts about the establishment versus the audience. Downey currently lives in Berlin. (source:


Suzy Leliévre

Posted: 15.11.2011 at 19:35 |

Michael Murphy

Posted: 26.10.2011 at 07:17 |

Michael Murphy’s sophisticated conceptual approach to artistic creation is evident in his constant search for new and innovative methods with which to execute his works. Fascinated with light, color, tone and shape, the artist strives to challenge the boundaries between the second and third dimensions with optical illusions, where portraiture plays an important role. The artist’s wire portrait of President Barack Obama received critical acclaim and was featured in TIME magazine’s December 2008 issue.
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