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Surreal photography by Sydney Sie

Posted: 10.08.2015 at 16:35 |

Taiwanese photographer and graphic designer Sydney Sie creates surreal scenes with pastel colors, simple objects and figures that never reveal their faces. Through soft color gradients, optical illusions and absurd arrangements, she composes a playful narrative.

Anish Kapoor’s Perpetual Black Water Whirlpool

Posted: 11.06.2015 at 10:25 | Comment: 1

Anish Kapoor has a new exhibition titled ‘Descension’, which is currently taking place at Galleria Continua in Italy. The most notable piece of the exhibition is a 500 x 500 cm dark whirlpool that was built with steel, water, and a motor. The circular, black pool of water infinitely swirls towards its epicenter, creating the image of a never ending spiral, dragging the viewers into the deep, dark void.

Handmade socks by STANCE

Posted: 20.04.2015 at 21:47 |

All socks are part of the current summer collection, that you can check out here.



Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Sculptures by Veronika Richterová

Posted: 20.04.2015 at 21:40 |

Czech artist Veronika Richterová creates beautiful artworks by repurposing plastic PET bottles. You can see much more of her works over on her website.

Human Hybrid Sculptures by Liu Xue

Posted: 17.02.2015 at 22:44 |

Chinese artist Liu Xue creates sculptures of human figures that have been augmented with animal body parts. The eerily lifelike sculptures range from centaur-like human/pig hybrids to rather disquieting chicken-people.

Night projection photography

Posted: 02.01.2015 at 17:35 |

Hellena Burchard and Marine Billet created the series ‘Night’s projection’,  compositions realized in different outdoor nightscapes. By using a video projector the two artists revealed geometrical forms, none of the photos went under post production.

DANDELION by Isabelle Chapuis and Duy Anh Nhan Duc

Posted: 20.10.2014 at 19:19 |

Artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc has collaborated with photographer Isabelle Chapuis for the poetical series ‘Dandelion’. Coupled with female portraits, the series offers a new perspective on the delicate plant. The series was part of RAISE Magazine’s #16 Light Issue.


Rebecca Rütten – contemporary pieces

Posted: 20.10.2014 at 19:11 |

German photographer Rebecca Rütten raises questions about our modern Fast Food culture with her series Contemporary Pieces.

Snow White by Sanne De Wilde

Posted: 20.10.2014 at 19:03 |

Flemish photographer Sanne De Wilde created portraits of Albinos for her series ‘Snow White.’
She states: “Like photographic material, people with albinism are light sensitive. They are a metaphor, a symbol for stereotypes, they magnify the erroneous idea of human weaknesses and physical fragility but also that of an invincible strength.” (via)

Catherine Colaw photography

Posted: 17.09.2014 at 17:58 |

These images by photographer Catherin Colaw are an exploration of sexuality and nakedness, vulnerability and separateness. A women’s identity is sacred and yet it is often stripped down and defined by her bare body. In this series, nudity is no longer about sexuality, but about vulnerability. Each image is a self-portrait and a meditative practice. (via)