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The Executive Coloring Book

Posted: 29.06.2011 at 18:43 |

The Executive Coloring Book
by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman & Martin A. Cohen, 1961

Baloon Bench

Posted: 23.06.2011 at 19:43 |

Introducing the Floating bench designed by h220430 , which looks like it’s supported by balloons, but it’s actually suspended from anchor points in the ceiling, concealed by clusters of polyethylene balloons.

Dice Portrait

Posted: 20.06.2011 at 09:38 |

Frederick McSwain used 13,138 dice to create this portrait of his friend artist Tobias Wong called Die who died at the age of 13,138 days (35 years-old). It was part of the BrokenOff BrokenOff exhibition at Gallery R’Pure in New York City, which was a memoriam to the artist during New York Design Week.

Hubert Duprat’s larvae

Posted: 14.06.2011 at 14:52 |

Hubert Duprat is a French artist known for his unusual work, an artistic intersection between caddisfly larvae and gold, opal, turquoise and other precious stones.
Caddisfly larvae live in fresh water and naturally construct elaborate protective tubes for themselves from materials found in their environment. Duprat, born in 1957, began his work with caddisfly larvae in the early 1980s. He collects the larvae from their normal environments and he takes them to his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cases and puts the larvae in tanks filled with his own materials, from which they begin to build their new protective sheaths.

Elegant iPad and MacBook cases – “Lady D collection”

Posted: 13.06.2011 at 15:13 |
Lady D for IPad and MacBook is a very classy design for the modern woman, giving vintage lovers another step into the world of chic. Inspired by the older generation ”granny“ wallets, Helek Studio brought together the vintage and modern looks.

You took my name

Posted: 08.06.2011 at 12:11 |

Another succesfull project by Victor Hertz, famous mainly for ‘the honest logos’

Dina Goldstein – Fallen princesses

Posted: 05.06.2011 at 19:30 |

Snow White

Red Riding Hood

Fallen Princesses place fairy tale in modern day scenarios. In all of the images the princess is placed in an environment that articulates the conflict. the ‘hapilly ever after’ is replaced with a realistic outcomeand adresses current issues. more about the project here

Hylozoic Ground: Philip Beesley (Venice Biennale 2010)

Posted: 03.06.2011 at 11:51 |

“…the glass-like fragility of this artificial forest, built of an intricate lattice of small transparent acrylic tiles, is visually breathtaking. Its frond extremities arch uncannily towards those who venture into its midst, reaching out to stroke and be stroked like the feather or fur or hair of some mysterious animal. Beesley’s Hylozoic Soil stands as a magically moving contemporary symbol of our aptitude for empathy and the creative projection of living systems.”
– Fundacion Telefonica Jury


Crying Children Series by Jil Greenberg studio

Posted: 02.06.2011 at 13:01 |

Jill Greenberg studio– Stylized fashion, celebrity and advertising images

Paper Art by Simon Schubert

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