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SALT LABYRINTH by Motoi Yamamoto

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THE EDGE by Signe Emma & Alice Young

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Signe Emma and Alice Young are both Graphic Design & Photography graduates. They collaborated on the project called ‘The Edge’, which has a creative focus on the economic situation in the euro zone. As the Euro is on the edge of a collapse, the two graduates decided to demonstrate its effect by using 100 sheets of white layered paper and then, cuting out each country in the Eurozone. Thus they created a map of the countries within the euro zone in order to represent the edge of collapse.



“Moonassi”- Daehyun KIM

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The graphic designer Daehyun Kim, known as ‘Moonassi’ is specialized in traditional East Asian art and paintings. His minimalistic black and white drawings underlie a theme of identity, dealing with people and their interactions.


PEEL – the wall lamp

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The japanese design unit YOY by space designer Naoki Ono and product designer Yuuki Yamamoto creates a wall lamp, that looks as if wallpaper was peeling of the wall and it feels like it can lead you to another world.

Anna Garforth

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UK designer Anna Garforth integrates her interest in urban ecology and sustainability through her creative practice

Standard Chartered Commercial by Sagmeister Inc.

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