Aglomeraciones by Felipe Bedoya

Posted: 09.01.2020 at 08:35 |

The work reflects on the psychological and emotional experience of the human being facing change: A constant movement towards unexplored places. The void that mediates between islands and silhouettes is the representation of an encounter between the self and the principles of its consciousness; It is a distant and silent space that can only be loaded with memory (experience, experience) as long as it is inhabited. The fractured and discontinuous atmosphere refers to a No Place whose aesthetic proposes distance between the observer and the event.
The work is based on a photographic record made in areas of the Pacific that are relevant for their migratory dynamics. The artist’s experiences are integrated into a language of drawing that refers to cosmological representations. The assembly of the work is done from 9 pieces that make sense when they dialogue with each other. The plans fulfill the function of giving the viewer multiple readings, always subordinated to the drawing of a fluid line that does not stop.
Text: David Cabrera / Web: felipebedoya