Clowning Around


“Clowning Around” is a collaborative project by summit from nuthin productions that invites people from the online filmmaking and creative community to design the poster. The details of the short film and the competition itself can be seen at and all the Poster Design Competition Entries on the official facebook page

The motive of a trap appears in this poster in two semantic levels:

A trap as a symbol of knocking out a rival, which contains a typical clown symbol – clown’s shoes. Above the shoes are the two protagonists, face to face – in the level, who reaches the symbol first, has the right to entertain the audience in the headlights. At the same time, however, he is trapped and thus opens a space to his enemy.

The second semantic level is the fact that the one who wins, eventually loses. In Bonzo’s case it is a trap that drives him to alcoholism as a result of former failure in his career. Trapped and no table to resist a temptation of an old habit, his well-earned winning loses its sense.

A rusty sign and burnt out bulbs in the heading of the movie symbolize a faded glory of Bonzo.

This poster as well as this movie is about an effort to fight and succeed, about the feelings of uselessness and disqualification against the background of a  story with funny looking clowns creating thus a bitter-sweet story.