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UNHATE campaign by Benetton

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Paramount Leader of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao – President of the USA Barack Obama

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel – President of France Nicolas Sarkozy

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il– President of South Korea Lee Myung-bak

President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas– Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu


What does UNHATE mean? UN-hate. Stop hating, if you were hating. Unhate is a message that invites us to consider that hate and love are not as far away from each other as we think. Actually, the two opposing sentiments are often in a delicate and unstable balance. Benetton campaign promotes a shift in the balance: don’t hate, Unhate. Cool isnt it? more here

Brad Downey

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Brad Downey is an American street artist. He uses film, sculpture, painting and drawing to reflect on concepts about the establishment versus the audience. Downey currently lives in Berlin. (source:



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Werning recreates childhood photos with the original subjects and this is how she creates this fascinating double portraits. See more images on the official site



Suzy Leliévre

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Ursus Wehrli – The Art of Clean Up

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Swiss artist  is releasing a new book called The Art of Clean Up, where he rearranges our chaotic world and its everyday objects into neat rows, sorted by color, size, shape, or type. Website:

SOON studio – Gent identity

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More amazing work from this wonderful studio can be found here

KISMET tiles

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Morrocan made modern

Magistral Cabinet from Sebastian E

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The sculptural Magistral Cabinet created by New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz is covered with a protective layer of 80,000 bamboo skewers.


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Turboweekend released their second album on March 23rd 2009, and this studio designed the album cover. The setting is in the mystery of a forest after dark. They folded a magic ball out of paper and took it into the woods together with the photographer Brian Buchard. To see more work from this amazing studio click here