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Anish Kapoor’s Perpetual Black Water Whirlpool

Posted: 11.06.2015 at 10:25 |

Anish Kapoor has a new exhibition titled ‘Descension’, which is currently taking place at Galleria Continua in Italy. The most notable piece of the exhibition is a 500 x 500 cm dark whirlpool that was built with steel, water, and a motor. The circular, black pool of water infinitely swirls towards its epicenter, creating the image of a never ending spiral, dragging the viewers into the deep, dark void.

Children captured while watching TV in Donna Stevens’ photo series

Posted: 11.06.2015 at 10:06 |


Photographer Donna Stevens created the series documenting children staring at the TV. She hopes to explore the darker side of our love for technology with these images. Shooting children watching TV represents the co-dependent yet contradictory relationship we all share with technology and the media.

Beautifull shadow play in photos of Ye Fei

Posted: 11.06.2015 at 09:58 |

Chinese photographer Ye Fei creates beautiful images mainly of women, always on the look for the best beaming rays of sunlight that would cover the photograph in a natural soft filter. You can see more of his works over on Flickr or follow him via Instagram and VSCO. (via)