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Fischli/Weiss: Rock on Top of Another Rock

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‘In Norway and here, to put one rock on top of another rock in the wilderness is the first thing you do if you want to make a mark. When you walk and you want to find your way back… you make this mark. It is a very archaic, simple thing, but it is referencing the [Robert] Venturi duck. We wanted to make something that forces you to stop your car and get out to take a photograph.’ Peter Fischli

Since they began working together in the late 1970s, Swiss artists Peter Fischli (born 1952) and David Weiss (1946-2012) have become known for their transformations of the common-place and their finely-judged balance of humour and seriousness. (via)


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the KONKRET lamp

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The lamp ‘Konkret’ by Jonas Edvard is made out of a thin layer of ash wood veneer where a leather handle is added. ‘Konkret’ is colored with natural wood stains, in a faded black gradient allowing the warm light of the wood to fade out.



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The official site


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Henrik Aarrestad Uldalen is a surrealistic painter whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner.

ROBEROPE the minimalist hanger

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The minimalist clothes hanger Roberope consists of a four-meter long rope, and five freely movable hooks. Just knot it at any desired location and thats it. Roberope is available in five colors and produced in Germany. It has been developed by ‘Club Cocage’, a cooperation between german product designers Justus Kränzleës Julia Landsiedl, Jan-Martin Metzger and Patric Schmid.

Idy Skivenes ART TOAST

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Idy Skivenes is food artist and enthusiast based in Oslo, Norway. for more info check the official website


Architectural patterns

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In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong. First prize winner in the World Press Photo competition in 2005 and 2010, Michael moved from Germany to Hong Kong back in 1994 and spent 8 years working for Stern Magazine as a contracted photographer.