A ‘Bookniture’ by Mike Mak

Posted: 23.08.2016 at 17:17 |

Hong Kong-based designer Mike Mak successfully funded a kickstarter campaign to make his project  ‘Bookniture’ come true. Each piece consists of an origami structure capable of carrying up to 900 kg.

A tiny house in finnish woods

Posted: 23.08.2016 at 17:10 |

A Finnish esigner Robin Falck built a small cabin for himself in a spot in the forest. In Finland you don’t need a building permit if the building is under 128 square feet in size. Pretty clever huh?

An Interactive Cabinet by Juno Jeon

Posted: 08.07.2016 at 18:02 |

The Eindhoven-based designer Juno Jeon designed a cabinet that interacts with people. A wide brush is connected to the inner part of the drawer. While being either pulled or pushed, the brushes hit those parts of there drawer that are on its surface and flip them over. (via)