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Snow White by Sanne De Wilde

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Flemish photographer Sanne De Wilde created portraits of Albinos for her series ‘Snow White.’
She states: “Like photographic material, people with albinism are light sensitive. They are a metaphor, a symbol for stereotypes, they magnify the erroneous idea of human weaknesses and physical fragility but also that of an invincible strength.” (via)

Catherine Colaw photography

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These images by photographer Catherin Colaw are an exploration of sexuality and nakedness, vulnerability and separateness. A women’s identity is sacred and yet it is often stripped down and defined by her bare body. In this series, nudity is no longer about sexuality, but about vulnerability. Each image is a self-portrait and a meditative practice. (via)



Photography by Amanda Charchian

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Merging photography, sculpture and painting Amanda Charchian tries to express the subconscious sphere and mystical experiences into our physical world. Her artistic experiments come with an organic and youthful spirit.

Todd Baxter photography

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Looking at Todd Baxter images, it’s hard to believe that these surreal scenes are created with a camera, not with a brush and paint. Baxter succeeds in loading his painterly compositions with exquisite details! see more at the official site

LANDLINE by Aakash Nihalani

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IN EXTREMIS by Sandro Giordano

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Eggshell Portraits – Jess Landau

Posted: 27.05.2014 at 16:04 |

Jess Landau applies his nude portraits on the inside of eggshells. Landau first photographs her models, develops the images in a wet lab and prints them using traditional darkroom methods before she applies them on the shell with the help of liquid emulsion. Visit the official site here

REN HANG nudes

Posted: 07.01.2014 at 20:07 |

Ren Hang is young 26 years old chinese photographer currently living and working in Beijing. He has been invited for the group exhibition ‘fuck off’ in Netherlands showcasing the new wave of the 21st century Chinese art scene. (via)


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ZACK SECKLER photography

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Zacks portfolio