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David Sykes is a successful advertising photographer who works regularly for notable clients including Visa, Persil, Lurpak, Heinz, Hellmann’s, BT, American Express, Starbucks, Honda and Monocle Magazine. He developed an aesthetic  dinner scene without any hint of real food, but in which every given object plays a significant role.

PhotoIllustrator JAVIER PÉREZ

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Javier Pérez is a web and graphic designer and an audiovisual producer. He has been posting a fun series of photo illustrations over on his Instagram account. The work mixes everyday objects with line drawings. This concept of drawing seems to be so simple but yet so genius and the resulting images are sweet. {via}


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By dressing the depicted girls in the same clothes,  japanese photographer, Osamu Yokonami manages to create a simplicity, letting the existence of each girl disappear and emphasizing the group that appears instead.

Alex Trochut’s BINARY PRINTS look completely different in the dark

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Barcelona-based creative powerhouse Alex Trochut has developed a print-making technique where two separate images can be seen in the same picture depending on whether it’s viewed in the light or the dark. And so Binary Prints was born, a series of portraits of some the biggest electro musicians and producers working today. “These nocturnal portraits ‘wake up’ in the dark, just as the DJs come alive at night, as do audiences under the spell of their music,” Alex says. Official website here


Dorothee GOLZ – Digital Paintings

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In her work ‘digital paintings’, artist Dorothee Golz from Vienna shows us her collages. She uses renaissance paintings to cut out the classical portraits and to insert them into contemporary photographs.

DAVID DIMICHELE – Pseudo documentation

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David DiMichele’s current body of work, Pseudo Documentation, is a series of large-scale photographs depicting grandiose installations in fantasy exhibition spaces. The Pseudo Documentation photographs are inspired by DiMichele’s background  as an installation artist, love of abstract forms and passion for monumental museum and gallery architecture. (via)

MATEMORO – Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton for the Room magazine

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Mate Moro is a photographer born in 1989, in Dunaujvaros, Hungary, now based in Budapest. His work is all about the people becoming virtual accessories in their own living spaces. They are not the ones to form the environment but to be formed by it.


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LE CARNET NOIR is a personal project from Nacho Ormaechea spanish Artist and Graphic Designer living and working in Paris.This sensitive digital collages shows the inside feelings.

Skate Moss

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SKATEMOSS is a Jeff Gaudinet project which started by accident, mispronouncing “Skate Moss” . It”s a platform, where you can submit your own board with Kate Moss photo or design


The digital ghosts of Google Street View

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Artist Paolo Cirio creates colour life-size posters of people found on Google Street View, and pastes them up in the same location as the original image was taken by one of Google’s camera cars.