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Alex Trochut’s BINARY PRINTS look completely different in the dark

Posted: 10.06.2013 at 13:48 |

Barcelona-based creative powerhouse Alex Trochut has developed a print-making technique where two separate images can be seen in the same picture depending on whether it’s viewed in the light or the dark. And so Binary Prints was born, a series of portraits of some the biggest electro musicians and producers working today. “These nocturnal portraits ‘wake up’ in the dark, just as the DJs come alive at night, as do audiences under the spell of their music,” Alex says. Official website here



Posted: 22.05.2013 at 14:21 |

London based artist Mr Bingo rocks with his hate mail. Love it.

the KONKRET lamp

Posted: 08.04.2013 at 18:13 |

The lamp ‘Konkret’ by Jonas Edvard is made out of a thin layer of ash wood veneer where a leather handle is added. ‘Konkret’ is colored with natural wood stains, in a faded black gradient allowing the warm light of the wood to fade out.


ROBEROPE the minimalist hanger

Posted: 08.04.2013 at 17:58 |

The minimalist clothes hanger Roberope consists of a four-meter long rope, and five freely movable hooks. Just knot it at any desired location and thats it. Roberope is available in five colors and produced in Germany. It has been developed by ‘Club Cocage’, a cooperation between german product designers Justus Kränzleës Julia Landsiedl, Jan-Martin Metzger and Patric Schmid.

Idy Skivenes ART TOAST

Posted: 03.04.2013 at 18:09 |

Idy Skivenes is food artist and enthusiast based in Oslo, Norway. for more info check the official website


Flexible Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Posted: 17.02.2013 at 18:32 |

These sculptures are made of thousands of layers of soft white paper, carved into busts, and human forms. Li Hongbo became fascinated by traditional Chinese toys and festive decorations known as paper gourds made from glued layers of thin paper. He applied the same honeycomb-like paper structure to much larger human forms resulting in these highly flexible sculptures.  See more on his here


Posted: 30.01.2013 at 20:42 |

The ‘Centipede Cinema’ was finished by Bartlett School of Architecture professor Colin Fournier, who teamed up with Polish artist Marysia Lewandowska and London studio NEON. While the upper body of the viewer is part of the cinematic experience, their legs are rooted on the outside. This cinema is situated in Guimarães, Portugal.


Armin Blasbichler Studio – ORSON

Posted: 13.12.2012 at 17:45 |

“ORSON, I’m Home” is a limited series of dining sculptures combining furniture design with taxidermy. Created by italian multidisciplinary studio Armin Blasbichler

TOMMY STOCKEL – ‘Structured Studio Situation’

Posted: 13.12.2012 at 17:18 |

Danish artist Tommy Støckel creates contemporary art, where illusion is rendered in paper, cardboard and polystyrene. ‘Structured Studio Situation’ is based on the repetition of randomly placed elements and thus creating a pattern with real objects.

Skate Moss

Posted: 29.09.2012 at 17:30 |


SKATEMOSS is a Jeff Gaudinet project which started by accident, mispronouncing “Skate Moss” . It”s a platform, where you can submit your own board with Kate Moss photo or design